Finding People

It has never been easier

The Internet is full of tools for finding people

finding peopleThe Internet is a huge repository of information, most of it about people. The problem is not usually being able to find some specific information, but rather finding too much of it. If you are looking for John Smith you have quite a task in front of you.

The way to find someone usually is not just by using one tool that suddenly will find your long-lost flame or missing family member, but rather by using a series of tools, each of which gains you a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Sometimes, you get lucky and you will find that person you seek on the very first try. But that is not something that a real sleuth would ever count on.

Finding people at work

Most businesspeople belong to at least one social network.

networkingThe web is full of professional networks linking all kinds of people together in online communities. The most important one is probably LinkedIn, which has millions of members and is searchable by anyone for free. "Linked-In" has its own search, but we have also created a search tool to find different results.

LinkedIn is not the only network, and we have listed dozens of them that would be worth checking for hard-to-find people. We are building tools to search those networks that are 'open' and able to be searched by our search engines.

You can search LinkedIn and all sites like it with one search here:


To search more sites (non-business oriented) click here.

Sometimes it is enough to simply look someone up in the telephone directory and you can find them on the first try. Often, this is not enough, however you can track them down via a professional network.

If you know where they worked, once lived, or went to school, your job is that much easier. But even so, you can often find almost anyone these days with the power of the Internet.

Keep reading to find out all the tricks!

Find your ancestors

The web has great genealogy resources

genealogyThere are numerous paid and free ways to hunt for ancestors on the web. If you have a lot of time to hunt on your own, you can find a lot of information for free.

If you don't have a lot of time, there are companies which have built up huge databases all across the world to help geneologists research family trees and find family connections across the world. Our genealogy page has free searches that you can use!

Oh, that guy in the picture? He's not your long-lost uncle. That's actually "Billly The Kid".

>>>More on genealogy...

Quick Résumé Search

Almost everyone looks for a job at some stage in their life, and to do so, they need a Résumé. The CV Fox resume search tool finds resumes from all over the internet.

CV Fox resume search


Search the websites of US Colleges

Does the person you seek work for a University or college? Have they published academic papers? Are they in the college newsletter? There's one way to find out...

Can you trace an email?

You sure can! It's not as hard as you think!


Who is that person?

They seem really nice... should you do a background check?

convictsMost of the people you meet are indeed very nice, and honest, hardworking folks. However, it pays to be wise when you meet someone new. After all, 1 in 33 people are psychopaths - nowadays more politely referred to as suffering from some degree of Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

Most psychopaths don't actually murder people, but they are not pleasant companions to invest your time in.

Don't believe that statistic? Neither did we, so we consulted the leading book on the subject by the world's leading expert on psychopaths, or Anti-Social Personality disorder, the late Dr. Hervey Cleckley, author of "The Mask of Sanity". You can download this eye-opening book free here.

You can also do a background check on someone and save yourself the worry and aggravation. An ounce of prevention...

Instand background report