Facebook Social Networking

Finding People on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website where members can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people.

It began at Harvard University, then spread to US "Ivy League" universities, later all universities, and now it is open to everyone. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profile to notify friends about themselves.

The website's name refers to the paper facebooks depicting members of a campus community that some US colleges and preparatory schools give to incoming students, faculty, and staff as a way to get to know other people on campus. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook while still a student at Harvard University.

Facebook has been blocked intermittently in several countries including Syria and Iran. It has also been banned at many places of work to increase productivity.

Facebook has more than 110 million active users worldwide. Chances are you can find someone there with this search engine:


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Why search on Facebook and MySpace?

Stop searching for the right colleges!

Between the two sites, there are now over 250 million accounts, and so chances are that the person you are seeking has an account there. Also, the search tools you find on this page will return different results than the searches that are on the respective sites!

To do a thorough search, it is best to use the search tools from these pages and then check again with the search tools on the page of the target site!

Who joins Facebook?

Facebook is popular with college age young people. They have been trying to appeal more and more to people once they leave college to include a larger and more prosperous demographic. Their signup page still contains clues that the focus is primarily college-age young adults.