Finding A Name

How do you find someone's married name?
How do you find someone's maiden name?

Some sleuthing tricks and tips!

hot womanYou remember her from high school, and you heard that she had gotten married, but that was ages ago. Now you have heard - through the grapevine that she is divorced... how can you get back in touch?

Perhaps you know someone whose past you would like to investigate. How can find out her maiden name? For doing both of these things, we can use the same techniques, and the FREE tools on this page will be enough to get you started.

The first place to search is at a school-based community. You can search the two most popular ones from this page and perhaps you will find exactly the name you are looking for. If not, there is another tool you can use. We have built a custom search engine to help in this hunt... at the bottom of the page you will find a search engine geared to help you uncover a married or maiden name.

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A secret weapon for uncovering changed names

This search tool will uncover obituary notices from all over the web!

There is a method that detectives often use to uncover someone's maiden or married name. They will go and do a lookup of obituaries with the name that they already know. We all know people who pass away, and often we find our names listed in the obituary notice as a surviving relative.

So if the person you are seeking has had a relative die who shared her maiden/married name, you can see her listed as a surviving relative. Clever, eh?

This search engine uses Google to find obituaries from all over the Internet. Test the last name you know and then search the page for the first name you are seeking by entering "CTRL F".

Enter a last name, or you may use any of the Google search techniques in this toolbox.

This method will help you to find obituaries that might not appear anywhere else.

You can also use our Death Records Search...