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Use the form below to find basic information including a free reverse telephone directory. Not all numbers are in the phone directory and to get mobile and some unlisted numbers you may need to use a paid service. Some such services are listed below.


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Sometimes you cannot find a number in the Google database, and so your only alternative is a paid search.

Reverse telephone number lookups are useful if you have "Caller ID" and you would like to identify a number that calls your telephone. It is also useful if you find a scrap of paper around the house and you are not sure who that number belongs to.

It can also be used to identify numbers that you find from others.

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Search the Skype Directory (Free!)

If someone calls your telephone from Skype, you will not be able to trace their number...

SkypeDownload Skype - after all it's completely FREE!

You can use Skype to call regular telephones and mobile telephones for very cheap, all over the world. Once you download Skype, you can look through their directory and quickly find people - there are over 300 million listings! You cannot search the Skype directory without first downloading Skype.

Once you have Skype installed on your computer, you can call other computers for free and you may also get a "Skype Out" number that lets you call telephones and mobile telephones worldwide. Additionally, you can get a 'local number' for many locations in the world and get it to ring on your own phone... so you can have a number in London, New York... wherever you like!

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