Find People at School and Alumni sites

College and School Search

The College Search Engine will search the websites of colleges all over the world.

If it's a professor, teacher or alumnus you are looking for, and you think they may be in a college or university, you can use this tool. It searches all of the colleges in a given country/region all at once, so you do not need to do multiple searches.

This search will search US university websites, there are other searches for the UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, Global and more.

School and Alumni Websites

There are a number of sites which are for alumni of high schools and colleges such as and This is a good way to track people by their maiden name or to find out what their maiden name once was. It is best to join these sites first as results can be better.

We have built a search facility to "X-Ray" search these sites.

Find School Alumni worldwide

This search tool find school alumni from all over the web!

If you get too many results when you search all, search the sites individually.

This method will help you to find people on a large number of school alumni sites.