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Site Name and Link Description Category One of the largest book exchange clubs the the USA.
BooksConnect A book sharing community site connecting readers, authors, publishers, librarians and booksellers. Books A community of users from over 130 countries who will meet to exchange books with each other at public places such as cafes, parks etc. Books Free community for UK residents to share used books with each other. Books Book sharing website that enables members to exchange used books with each other in real time. Books An interesting concept where users can exchange books with others through points. Users gain points when they give books to others. Books Online community of users allowing them to sell books in the United States. Books Book borrowing service with free shipping for registered members. Books
ConnectViaBooks A social networking site connecting book lovers and enabling them to discover other similar interests. Books
GoodReads GoodReads is a book readers’ community enabling members to review, share books they have been reading. Books Users can share books amongst each other and only pay for the delivery charges. Books A book trade engine for students to buy and sell old books. Books
Read It Swap It A free service that allows users to exchange books with one another. Books
Revish Revish is another community for book lovers, letting them review their favorite books, tell what they’re reading and/or form groups. Books
Shelfari Shelfari is a popular social networking service for book lovers. Books
Socialbib Book swapping network between students. Books
AdvisorGarage It is an online directory of advisors who are willing to assist budding entrepreneurs. Business Networking & Professionals
ArtBreak ArtBreak is an artist community for sharing and selling artwork. Business Networking & Professionals
Blogtronix Blogtronix promotes corporate social networking, enterprise 2.0 and wikis. Business Networking & Professionals
Commutal Commutal is an online sharing platform for businesses to create media rooms, participate in domestic groups and share event happenings with each other. Business Networking & Professionals
CompanyLoop An online working community for global businesses. Business Networking & Professionals
ConnectBeam Connectbeam offers social networking specially designed for corporate users. Business Networking & Professionals
Decorati An interior designer community enabling users to post items for sale and for exchange. Business Networking & Professionals
DoMyStuff A good site for working professionals looking to find online assistants. Business Networking & Professionals
Doostang An invite only career community for professionals. Business Networking & Professionals
Fast Pitch It is a quickly growing business networking community in corporate world. Its online provides users with a one stop shop network to market their business. Business Networking & Professionals
iKarma Inc. iKarma is a specialist in providing customer feedback for organizations and professionals. Business Networking & Professionals
ImageKind ImageKind is a community and marketplace for professional artists. Business Networking & Professionals
Jambo Jambo lets you connect with your neighborhood friends. Business Networking & Professionals
Jigsaw An online business card networking directory for users to establish contacts with each other. Each business card is listed with an email id and a contact number. Business Networking & Professionals
Konnects Konnects enables members to create their own professional networking communities. Business Networking & Professionals
Lawyrs A professional social networking community for lawyers. Business Networking & Professionals
Linkedin LinkedIn is a professional social networking website for business users, one of the most popular such sites out there. Some aspects of it are free, but many are paid. Business Networking & Professionals is for professionals in content or creative industry. Business Networking & Professionals Pairup connects business travelers assisting them to travel together. Business Networking & Professionals A site for establishing new connections and growing networks. Connections for jobs, building career and making sales. Business Networking & Professionals Spoke offers access to business network of over 40 million people worldwide. Business Networking & Professionals
Visible Path Visible Path helps organizations to integrate social networking into their existing tools. Business Networking & Professionals
WebCrossing Neighbors It provides a private label social network with personal spaces and user groups. Business Networking & Professionals
XING XING is a networking directory of business contacts powering relationships between business professionals allowing users to connect with each other. Business Networking & Professionals
Amiglia A family networking service enabling users to connect to family members by publishing and sharing family trees, photos etc. Family
CafeMom CafeMom is a social networking site for mothers to connect and share thoughts with each other. Family
Cingo Cingo users connect with each other to organize their family life. Family
CommonGate A social networking platform that enables users to create their own social network for their friends, family or organization. Family
Family 2.0 Family 2.0 helps you create your own family social network, you can add family members, send personalized emails and create event alerts. Family
Famiva A premier social network to connect with family members and relatives in a secure environment. Family
Famster A private secure social network for family members. Family An exciting social networking site enabling members to create their family tree. Although it’s a relatively new site, it has grown tremendously fast, and has hundreds of thousands of users. Family
Genoom Genoom creates a meeting place for its site users. They can create a family network by inviting their relatives and discover their past memories. Family
Kincafe An ideal social network for families to connect with their beloved ones. Family
Kinzin Kinzin is an online meeting place for families to share family events, photos, stories and recipes. Family
MayasMoM A family networking site for parents. Family
Minti A collaborative parenting site. Family
MomJunction MomJunction allows mothers to find reliable answers to questions, create private spaces with friends and build communities. Family
MothersClick MothersClick connects mothers in a neighborhood with each and provides parenting advice to them. Family An excellent way to connect with your family members. Family An online shared database with combined knowledge and data at a single place. Family OurStory enables users to share stories of their families with others. Family
Parentography A social network offering advice and advice for families. Family
The Family Post A sharing network for communication with family members. Family
43 Things A tagging based social networking site. Users create accounts and list a number of goals or hopes and these are parsed based on similarity to goals of other users. Friends Amitize is a worldwide friendship network. Friends
aSmallWorld aSmallWorld is a private online community designed for individuals who would like to connect, reconnect to share similar thoughts with each other. Friends
Badoo.Com Badoo is a dynamic multi-lingual social networking site with innovative photo and video features that allows its users worldwide to gain an instant mass audience and interact both locally and globally. Friends
Bebo Bebo is a hugely popular site (especially in the UK), and similar in philosophy to MySpace. It allows users to communicate with their friends in multiple ways including blogging, sending messages and posting pictures. Friends
Eons An online gathering place for the elderly; most of the users are over the age of 50 years. Friends Facebook is a social networking phenomenon connecting people with their friends, family, classmates and other users with similar interests. Was originally for students, now for everyone. Friends
Faceparty A UK based community social networking website. It started for youngsters but has now risen to popularity among all age groups. Friends
Flingr Flingr allows users to connect with all categories of friends – colleagues, college mates and school buddies. Friends
Friendster It is a popular global social network for finding new friends and developing friendships as well as searching old friends. One of the oldest online communities. Friends
hi5 Hi5 is a prominent social networking service in India with over 40 million users. However, Hi5 has recently experienced an upsurge beyond India and has shown increasing popularity in EU too. Friends
Lovento Lovento allows you to discover news friends and also find information about latest events. Friends Multiply is a social networking website providing easy way to share digital media which includes photos, videos and music. Friends
Mycool Mycool enables members to find and share their interests with special groups. Friends MySpace is an interactive social networking website consisting of personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos. It’s currently the biggest social networking site out there, and while it might not be the most advanced one, the users seem to love its simplicity. Friends A comprehensive social networking site enabling users to make new online friends and discover old ones. Friends
Netlog A social community of more than 20 million young Europeans. Friends
Orkut Orkut is a social networking service owned by Google. It enables users to meet new friends and create communities. Friends
Passado Passado is Europe’s no.1 reunion website connecting members with friends from school to workplace. Friends
Piczo Piczo offers a safe social networking environment to youngsters around the world. Piczo users can design their personal website with photos, videos etc. and share it with their friends. Friends
Plazes A social networking website for connecting with local users. Friends Pownce is a mix of social networking and microblogging. It enables users to send messages, files, events and links with each other. Friends A UK based social networking site for teenagers. Friends A leading online service for discovering old friends, classmates and family members. Friends Vox is a social blogging service where users share their ideas, photos, videos with family and friends. Friends
Xanga Xanga is one of the biggest social networking platforms with features of sharing photos, photos and videos. Friends
XuQa An online college social networking site with poker gaming features. Friends It is social networking community for sports and action. The features of the website are profiles of users with photographs and videos, reviews of products and job discussion boards. Hobbies
Arts community Arts community provides a dynamic community experience by providing extensive listing of exhibitions, events and openings. Hobbies
BeGreen BeGreen is a community that aims to generate environmental awareness for users. Hobbies
beRecruited beRecruited is a dedicated online community for sportpersons and coaches. Hobbies
BottleTalk BottleTalk is a wine lover’s community making it easy for members to share their drinking experiences. Hobbies
CarGurus An automobile community website enabling users to post car reviews, photos and share opinions. Hobbies
Change Change is a nonprofit social networking website that connects like minded users and allows them to exchange information. Hobbies
ChangingThePresent A nonprofit fund raising community with membership of over 400 nonprofits. Hobbies
ChickAdvisor ChickAdvisor is a sharing community for women users. Hobbies
CircleUp CircleUp is one of the best community website connecting users to groups, clubs for knowledge sharing, information exchange. Hobbies
Coastr Coastr connects beer lovers with each other. Hobbies
ColShare ColShare is a community for people who have hobby of collecting items like coins, stamps etc. Hobbies
coRank A rating community for users to share interesting information on internet. Hobbies
DailyStrength A huge community of over 500 groups dealing with health issues and various medical challenges. Hobbies
Dundoo Dundoo enables users to create image collages out of social networking profile. A big amount of ads on the site somewhat diminishes the overall impression. Hobbies
Flixster Flixster is a community for movie lovers. Hobbies
FuelEmpire FuelEmpire brings automobile enthusiasts together at one place. Hobbies
GirlSense A community for girls to promote their fashion designs & creations. Hobbies
Greenvoice An online networking platform for people who are conscious about the environment, who want to inform each other on environmental issues and create a difference. Hobbies
iYomu iYomu is an adult social networking website and it allows users to search for site members who have similar interests or for business needs. Hobbies
Motortopia Motortopia is community for automobile lovers. It consists of passionate lovers of bikes, planes, cars and boats etc. Hobbies
MyCatSpace MyCatSpace is a community for lovers of cats passionate to share experiences of their cats with others. Hobbies
MyDogSpace MyDogSpace users can share their dog pictures, write blog posts about dogs and communicate with other dog lovers, all in a very lovely community. Hobbies
Uniteddogs A social networking website for dog owners. The dog owners can creae profiles of their dogs, create blogs and share their thoughts. Hobbies
vSocial vSocial is a video based social networking platform allowing content owners, site operators to deliver the message online with video. Hobbies
Buzdeo Buzdeo provides secure video sharing service with friends and family. Media
Fotki A photo sharing service enabling users to connect with friends. Media
Fotolog A big online photo sharing community. Media
CrackBerry A community dedicated to BlackBerry users. Mobile
Dodgeball A New York based service facilitating social interactions through mobile phones. Mobile A mobile phone based social networking site. Mobile
GotZapp A mobile social network for sharing images, audio and graphics with your friends’ mobile phones. Mobile
Groovr An ultimate mobile social networking site for staying connected with friends. It is compatible with iPhone. Mobile
Jaiku Jaiku is essentially a microblogging service with an SMS gateway, very similar to Twitter. They’ve recently been acquired by Google. Mobile
Loopt Loopt is a cool mobile based friend locator website. It uses GPS to show its users the location of friends by updating maps on mobile handset. Mobile
Mixxer Mixxer enables users to content on their mobile with site members. Mobile
Mobango A mobile community service powering users to search for user generated music content, videos and other data. Mobile
Mozes Mozes enables members to connect & socialize with each other through mobile phones. Mobile
Partysync Partysync helps users to interact with people using mobiles. Mobile
Peepsnation Peepsnation allows users with similar interests to connect with each other on location basis. Mobile
Rabble A location based social networking service for mobile phone users. Mobile
Socialight Socialight is a mobile based social networking site where users share their travel experiences with other mobile users. Mobile
Wattpad A mobile phone social networking platform allowing users to discover, read and share their stories with each others. Mobile
Asoboo Asoboo is a sharing network for cultural artists from around the world. Music
BandChemistry A network for musicians uniting music bands all over. Music
BandWagon BandWagon is a music community website for music fans to manage their web pages, profiles, videos and music. Music
CrackSpace A common place for fans of hip-hop music. Music
Moob A dedicated community of hip-hop music. Music
MOG An online community powering site members to discover music and music lovers. Music
3LUXE A community generated product research site. Shopping
AgentB A common place to find out the best shopping deals on internet. Shopping A global goods delivery platform enabling community members to assist each other with access to best items from across the world. Shopping users add their favorite products to their list and share it with others. Shopping
CoWorkersAds An online marketplace listing allowing site members to discover and sell items among coworkers community. Shopping A user generated marketplace where users submit cool products. Shopping A user generated magazine for shopping. Shopping A social market place for buyers and sellers. Shopping ProductWiki is a common place for users to share information about consumer products. Shopping is Canada’s most popular shopping community which offers huge discounts to site users. Shopping
Sale Grab SaleGrab is a social shopping site for best sales and discount deals. Shopping
Shoppero Shoppero offers profit sharing to site users for writing product reviews. Shopping
Smashing Darling A collaborative market place connecting buyers and sellers at one place. Shopping Social Bookmarking Site Social Bookmarking
AlumWire AlumWire has been created to assist college students, alumni with professional opportunities. Students
B4Class A social network for high school and college students. Students
Campusbug A college student social networking website. Students
CampusRank CampusRank members select and rate their old school friends and group them into various categories. Students An online community for college students. Students A student classifieds website for buying and selling items, jobs search etc. Students
College Tonight A great place to meet fellow college students and alumni. Students A local classifieds listings for schools in various cities. Students A social networking site assisting graduate school students to stay in touch post completion of course. Students A leading student market place for buying and selling textbooks at discounted prices. Students
iHipo An international community for college students and business professionals looking for networking opportunities. Students
LocalSchools A networking site connecting students with local US colleges and universities. Students A student trading site for buying and selling on-campus books with other students. Students
Quizilla Quizilla is a social network for young teens. Students RateMyProfessor connects students aspiring to study similar courses by assisting each other. Students is a big online community for college students, high school students and teens with around 1,000,000 members. Students is a student market place for sales and purchase of items without any fees. Students A social network allowing users to create home pages with contact information, personal information and photo albums. Students Uloop allows students to trade textbooks, promote community events and do host of other activities. Students Amicoz is slightly different from conventional social networking sites; it doesn’t have some of the common features found on socnets. It is dedicated to assist users in sharing their travel experiences, nothing more, nothing less. Travel
Citizenbay Citizenbay is a user community for discovering local information. Travel
CityTherapy CityTherapy is an easy way to find and share places of interest (restaurant, bars) in Europe. Travel
CouchSurfing A global travel network connecting travelers with local communities. Travel A fun and an interactive way to connect with the folks from your neighborhood online. Travel A fun way to interact with people locally. Travel
iloho An online travel community with similarity to social bookmarking services like digg. Travel
MatchActivity A site connecting people on the basis of their activities. Users can find things to do and join people in their area. Travel
Matador A travel based social network with an integrated blogging service. Travel is a place for people who want to share their travel experiences through photos, videos and blogging with others. Travel
OurFaves OurFaves is a community of urban savvy folks who enjoy the Toronto city and find out cool places to hang out at. Travel A nice way to explore local communities to keep track with neighborhood news. Travel
Rummble Rummble enables users to discover as well as share places of interest in your neighborhood. Travel
TravBuddy TravBuddy is a cool site for sharing travel experiences, finding new travel friends or reading travel reviews of fellow friends. Travel
Travellerspoint An international meeting point for worldwide travelers. Travel
TravelTogether A travel based social networking service enabling users to share travel plans, travel deals and experiences. Travel is one of the easiest ways to connect with people for finding a restaurant, a killer apartment, a gentle dentist or a hiking friend. Travel
TripUp A travel community site for finding travel information and planning for trips. Travel
Triporama Triporama provides an easy way to plan and collaborate on group trips. Travel
VibeAgent VibeAgent is a site about hotel reviews, travel metasearch and social networking. Travel
WAYN A social networking website uniting world wide travelers. Travel
WeExplore WeExplore provides an online platform for volunteers and travelers from all over the globe. Travel
Wikitravel Wikitravel is dedicated project for creating a trusted, up-to-date travel guide. It has over 16,641 travel destination guides maintained and written by Wikitravellers from around the world. Travel
Zoodango Zoodango is a website enabling users to connect with urban professionals either online or face-to-face face at local venues. Travel